Fly, Drive, or Trek to Yellowstone National Park

By Plane The principal airport serving Yellowstone is Jackson Hole Airport (JAC IATA), in Grand Teton National Park, near Jackson, and the largest airport in Wyoming. United and Delta serve Jackson Hole year-round, from Denver and Salt Lake City respectively. These airlines plus American and Frontier provide seasonal flights from those cities and eight othersContinue reading “Fly, Drive, or Trek to Yellowstone National Park”

Stay Safe at Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone has some hazards related to volcanic activity. There are also hazards from dangerous animals. Wildlife Though many of the animals in the park are used to seeing humans, the wildlife is nonetheless wild and should not be fed or disturbed. According to park authorities, stay at least 100 yards/meters away from bears and wolves and 25 yards/metersContinue reading “Stay Safe at Yellowstone National Park”

Staying Safe at Rocky Mountain National Park

The greatest danger to most park visitors is due to altitude. The entire park is above 7,500 feet and ranges as high as 14,259 feet, so it is important to take time to acclimate before undertaking strenuous activities. Even driving at high elevation can affect sensitive individuals. Altitude sickness symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue,Continue reading “Staying Safe at Rocky Mountain National Park”