Basic Facts About Devils Postpile National Monument

Situated in eastern California, Devils Postpile National Monument protects a fascinating rock formation known as the Devils Postpile as well as Rainbow Falls and the surrounding natural landscape.


Devils Postpile was established as a national monument in 1911 by President Taft. The monument was originally part of Yosemite National Park, but with the discovery of gold in 1905 a boundary was created that separated Devils Postpile from the rest of the park. 

Later on, the construction of a hydroelectric dam that would destroy Devils Postpile was proposed. John Muir along with other influential California natives convinced the federal government to protect this fascinating monument, resulting in its establishment as a national monument. 


The Devils Postpile is a unique example of columnar basalt, with 60-foot towering pillars and striking symmetry. Situated in California‚Äôs Sierra Nevada mountain range, the landscape is rugged and mountainous, rife with hiking trails and campgrounds. Expect to see wildflowers in bloom during the summer and a plethora of wildlife year round.