Staying Safe at Joshua Tree National Park

A vast park situated in the Southern California Desert, Joshua Tree National Park comprises parts of both the Mojave and Colorado Deserts. A popular destination for hikers, it’s imperative that park visitors take the necessary safety precautions before visiting this unique region. Weather The weather at Joshua Tree is the greatest safety threat you faceContinue reading “Staying Safe at Joshua Tree National Park”

Staying Safe at Grand Teton National Park

Be prepared to address safety concerns before your trip to Grand Teton National Park to ensure that your visit runs as smoothly and safely as possible! There are several potential dangers to watch out for in this park, ranging from wildlife concerns to severe weather, including intense bouts of lightning.  Wildlife You’re likely to encounterContinue reading “Staying Safe at Grand Teton National Park”

How to Stay Safe When Visiting National Parks (General Guide)

A visit to any national park poses its own safety concerns, from unpredictable weather to the dangers of wildlife. Be prepared before you go by checking out these general safety tips and guidelines for visiting national parks. Wildlife It should come as no surprise that every national park is filled with wildlife specific to itsContinue reading “How to Stay Safe When Visiting National Parks (General Guide)”

Stay Safe at Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone has some hazards related to volcanic activity. There are also hazards from dangerous animals. Wildlife Though many of the animals in the park are used to seeing humans, the wildlife is nonetheless wild and should not be fed or disturbed. According to park authorities, stay at least 100 yards/meters away from bears and wolves and 25 yards/metersContinue reading “Stay Safe at Yellowstone National Park”