Hidden Gems in Death Valley National Park

Situated in eastern California and part of Nevada, Death Valley National Park is one of the largest national parks in America. A hub for hiking, mountain biking, and exploring, Death Valley boasts some of the hottest temperatures in the world and the lowest point in North America. Rife with sand dunes, salt flats, canyons, and expansive stretches of the Mojave Desert, Death Valley National Park has an abundance of hidden gems to explore.


Twenty Mule Team Canyon

This breathtaking, less-traveled canyon offers spectacular views for miles. Drive through the ravine brimming with colorful badlands, and you’ll probably be the only ones there to enjoy it. Be wary of hiking in this area as it can get incredibly hot. If you do choose to hike, make sure to go at a cooler time of day.

Mosaic Canyon

Experience the geological wonder that is Death Valley National Park when you visit Mosaic Canyon. A canyon bordered by smooth marbleized rocks and stunning mosaic patterns, this off the beaten path destination will be a highlight of your trip.

Striped Butte

Head to Striped Butte located in the Butte Valley, one of Death Valley National Park’s most beautiful peaks. Due to its remote location, it’s not often visited by guests of the park making it a perfect hidden gem. Park at the base of Striped Butte and enjoy a hike to its glorious peak.

Eureka Dunes

Situated in the remote Eureka Valley in the northwestern region of the park lie the Eureka Dunes. Rising suddenly from the desert floor, these pale dunes are the tallest in California and are absolutely breathtaking.

Artists Palette

Artists Palette is characterized by the jagged peaks of a canyon covered in a variety of different naturally occurring colors. From purple and blue to orange and green, these spectacular colors are a result of the oxidation processes happening in the rock elements. Hike through the weaving canyons to get up close and personal with these lovely formations.

Barker Ranch

An abandoned mining ranch located in the park, Barker Ranch has gained notoriety for its association with the Charles Manson family. Head to Death Valley National Park’s Panamint Range to view this fascinating and mysterious ranch.