Hidden Gems in Grand Teton National Park

You may think you know Grand Teton National Park, but for the savvy traveler, there’s always more to explore! During peak season when the park gets especially crowded, it pays to know about the hidden gems and off the beaten path locations within the park. The following will help you to avoid the crowds and enjoy a peaceful experience at Grand Teton. 

Schwabacher Landing

One of the most underrated locations in Grand Teton National Park is Schwabacher Landing. Located at the base of the Tetons alongside Snake River, this peaceful area offers prime wildlife viewing, and is the perfect place to take a moment for yourself and enjoy the serenity of nature.

Leigh Lake

One of the most beautiful untouched lakes in Grand Teton National Park is Leigh Lake. With mountainous landscapes reflected in the crystal clear waters, relax at the beach here and go for a swim.

String Lake

Created from the outflow of Leigh Lake, String Lake is one of Grand Teton National Park’s most gorgeous, less-trafficked lakes. The String Lake Trail is about 4 miles long and provides an easy and scenic hike with panoramic views throughout. 

Oxbow Bend

An off-the-beaten-path island within the park, Oxbow Bend is a wonderful place to watch the sunset or sunrise. Enjoy striking views of Mount Moran reflected in the lake below and enjoy an undisturbed moment on the road less traveled.

Hidden Falls

A hidden gem just a short hike or boat ride from Jenny Lake, Hidden Falls are strikingly beautiful and well worth a visit, especially during the fall when there are overall less visitors to the park. Enjoy lunch at nearby Jenny Lake Lodge before or after your hike to make the most of your Hidden Falls experience.

Willow Flats

Not far from Colter Bay in Grand Teton National Park, you’ll find this undisturbed area perfect for wildlife viewing. Head here to see grizzly bears, elk, and an abundance of wildlife as they roam through untouched plains in the shadow of towering mountains.