How to Spend a Weekend at Biscayne National Park

There is so much to do at Biscayne National Park, from boating to snorkeling to kayaking and more. This scenic national park lies in South Florida and encompasses a vast region of protected land and water. If you plan to spend a weekend at Biscayne National Park, the following are the top things to do in the park.

What to Do 

Ranger-led activities-  These include guided canoe and kayak trips, daily ranger talks and walks, and more. Partaking in ranger-led activities help visitors to gain a greater understanding of what they’re experiencing in the park.

Fishing and boating- One of the main ways to get around the park is by boat and there are lots of organized boating tours available. You can also launch your own boat to explore the area. Fishing is permitted within the park with some restrictions.

Canoeing and kayaking- You can rent canoes and kayaks in the park and spend the day exploring this beautiful natural area. Paddling is one of the park’s most popular activities.

Snorkeling and scuba diving- Biscayne National Park is home to a wide variety of unique marine life and coral reefs which can be explored by snorkeling and scuba diving.

Wildlife viewing- There are plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing within the park, both in and out of the water. There are 20 endangered species in Biscayne National Park and birding is a wildly popular activity here.

Where to Stay

The nearest hotels and overnight lodgings are in Homestead and Florida City, though you may be more comfortable staying in Miami or one of the other Florida Keys and commuting during the day to Biscayne National Park. There are also two campgrounds available inside the park that must be accessed by boat. These are on Boca Chita Key and Elliott Key.

How to Get There

Miami International Airport is the closest airport to Biscayne National Park. The park can be reached by car via the Florida Turnpike or the US-1 highway. Once there, the best way to get around is by boat, so it’s recommended to take a guided boat tour or rent canoes or kayaks.

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