How to Spend a Weekend in Everglades National Park

Located in South Florida, Everglades National Park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site that protects more than 1.5 million acres. Home to the American crocodile, Florida panther, and West Indian manatee, the Everglades are known for their abundant wildlife which you’ll experience on any of the park’s many guided tours.

What to Do

Guided tours

There are a variety of ranger led tours offered in Everglades National Park that are worth checking out to see and understand all that the park has to offer. There are also plenty of boat tours and wildlife viewing tours to best experience the unique flora and fauna of the park.

Kayak and canoe rentals

Available at Flamingo Marina, kayaking and canoeing is a great way to explore the park by water. There are plenty of canoe trails that wind through the park’s unique marshes and waterways. 


The Everglades has a bunch of hiking trails which are great for viewing flora and fauna. The Anhinga Trail in particular is a great trail for wildlife viewing, especially during the dry season.


You’ll need a permit to go fishing in the Everglades and it’s best to hire a guide to spend a day fishing out on the water, as there are few places to fish from the shore. You can expect to catch tarpon, bonefish, redfish, snook, snapper, and sea trout. 

Wildlife Viewing

The Everglades is a spectacular place for wildlife viewing, so you’ll definitely want to spend time during your weekend checking out the rare animal life. This region is known for its manatee and crocodile viewing in particular. 

Where to Stay

There are no indoor lodging accommodations within the park besides eco tents, located at Flamingo Campground. Your only other options for lodging within the park itself are two drive-in campgrounds, both of which can accommodate tents and RVs.

When to Go

You’ll want to avoid visiting Everglades National Park during the wet season, which runs from June to October, as many of the park’s facilities will be closed and the majority of activities will not be available. Dry season sees a full range of tours and activities and all park facilities will be open, making this the ideal time for a visit.  

How to Get There

If you plan to fly, the closest airport to fly into is Miami International Airport. If you plan to drive, take either Route 41 which runs west, or Route 1 which runs south. Once you arrive in the park, the best way to get around is to drive. 

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