How to Spend a Weekend in Redwood National Park

Located on California’s North Coast, Redwood National Park has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Characterized by giant redwood trees, this national park is truly something to behold. If you’ve only got a weekend to spend exploring the ancient Redwoods, you’ll want to be sure to see as much as you can.

What to Do


The best way to explore this park is by hiking. There are many stunningly beautiful hiking paths throughout Redwood National Park that will offer you the full experience in a weekend. Some of the most popular trails include Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail, Prairie Creek – Foothill Trail Loop, Big Tree Wayside Walk, and James Irvine Trail to Fern Canyon Loop.

Wildlife Viewing

There is no shortage of unique flora and fauna to see in Redwood National Park. Beyond the magnificent trees, you should also come prepared to see wild animals like black bears, sea stars, bald eagles, elk, sea lions, and gray whales, among many others. Some of the park’s endangered species include the Brown Pelican, Western Snowy Plover, Chinook Salmon, Marbled Murrelet, Tidewater Goby, Northern Spotted Owl, Steller’s Sea Lion, Coho Salmon, and Steelhead Trout.


This natural, untouched area provides the perfect environment for stargazing with dark night skies that offer an unforgettable view of the stars. This is why Redwood National Park is excellent for lovers of astronomy.

Where to Stay

There are no hotels or lodging accommodations within the park, but you’ll have no problem finding a place to stay in the nearby towns of Klamath and Crescent City. Camping is a popular option for lodging at nearby state parks which have several campgrounds. 

How to Get There

The easiest way to get to Redwood National Park is to drive. However, if you plan to fly, there are two small airports that will get you to the park. These are the Arcata-Eureka Airport, which has daily flights from San Francisco, and Del Norte County Regional Airport, which has two daily flights from Portland, Oregon. 

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