Places to Visit After Glacier Bay National Park

Situated in Alaska’s panhandle, Glacier Bay National Park is home to massive glaciers, a variety of wildlife, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Once you’ve had your fill of this gorgeous national park, head to the following destinations to continue your trip!

Gustavus – The international gateway to Glacier Bay National Park, Gustavus, Alaska offers a variety of restaurants, lodging accommodations, groceries, and supplies outside the park. Gustavus is the natural next stop to continue your trip, either before or after your visit to Glacier Bay National Park.

Juneau, Alaska – Head to Juneau, the capital of Alaska, to continue your trip from Glacier Bay National Park. There’s Plenty to do in Juneau, from fishing and wildlife viewing to restaurants, shops, and outdoor recreation.

Haines, Alaska – Another of the gateway towns to Glacier Bay National Park is Haines, Alaska. Head to nearby Chilkoot Lake for a scenic day trip and enjoy the town’s distilleries and breweries, picturesque landscapes, and outdoor recreation activities. 

Skagway, Alaska – A small historic city nestled into southeastern Alaska, Skagway makes for a unique stop on your trip before or after visiting Glacier Bay National Park. Take a tour on the antique railroad to experience breathtaking views of this gorgeous region.

Anchorage, Alaska- You’ll have to fly, but Anchorage, Alaska offers plenty of exciting things to do and explore. Alaska’s largest city is filled with cultural heritage sites, stunning landscapes, hiking trails, outdoor activities, bars, restaurants, shops, and more.