Places to Visit After Great Basin National Park

A vast national park located in eastern Nevada, Great Basin National Park is defined by mountainous landscapes and the Great Basin Desert. A remote wilderness with plenty to explore, Great Basin National Park attracts visitors looking to reconnect with nature. Once you’ve had your fill of the park, continue your journey to one of the following nearby destinations!

Baker, Nevada- Just 5 miles from Great Basin National Park, Baker, Nevada provides the closest civilization to this remote destination. You’ll be able to find lodging, food, and supplies in Baker before, during, or after your visit to the park.

Ely, Nevada – An hour outside of Great Basin National Park is the next largest town you will find in the area. This remote mountain town boasts a grocery store, restaurants, and various lodging options.

Salt Lake City, Utah – Under 4 hours and just across the border from Great Basin National Park sits Salt Lake City, Utah. Renowned for its famous Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City is also the Mormon headquarters of the world and offers plenty of skiing and outdoor recreation activities. 

Las Vegas, Nevada – Las Vegas is about 5 hours south of Great Basin National Park. Celebrated for its casinos, nightclubs, live shows, and everything in between, Las Vegas will provide a stark contrast to your time spent in Great Basin National Park.