Places to Visit After Lassen Volcanic National Park

Situated in Northern California, Lassen Volcanic National Park is characterized by a wide range of geothermal and hydrothermal features that make this one of the country’s most captivating destinations. Once you’ve had your fill of the spectacular volcanic activity at Lassen Volcanic National Park, continue your trip to one of the following nearby destinations!

Whiskeytown, California – Once a bustling gold mining town in northwestern California, Whiskeytown today has few inhabitants. Now home to Whiskeytown Lake, this small town is registered as a California Historical Landmark. The lake and surrounding area is now a popular recreation destination with much to explore.

Lava Beds National Monument– A vast countryside ravaged by volcanoes, Lava Beds National Monument is located just over 2 hours outside of Lassen Volcanic National Park. A rugged landscape boasting a variety of volcanic features, ancient caves, historic Native American artifacts, and more, Lava Beds National Monument makes for an excellent next stop on your trip.

San Francisco, California – Just under 4 hours outside the park, San Francisco is one of the country’s most popular cities. Characterized by gorgeous natural landscapes and the San Francisco Bay, you won’t be lacking for things to do during your visit to San Francisco. 

Modoc National Forest– A vast woodland covered by immense ancient lava flows, Modoc National Forest makes for the perfect next stop after your visit to Lassen Volcanic National Park. A scenic mountainous landscape rife with lakes, craters, lava tube caves, and more, Modoc National Forest should not be overlooked!

Red Bluff, California– A small city an hour outside of Lassen Volcanic National Park, Red Bluff is referred to as “The Victorian City on the River”. Established in 1876, this town has plenty of history to explore and offers several lodging opportunities to utilize before, during, or after your visit to the park.

Lake Tahoe– One of the most spectacular lakes in the country, Lake Tahoe is only a 3.5 hour drive from Lassen Volcanic National Park. A freshwater lake situated in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Lake Tahoe is a must-visit when you’re in the region.