Places to Visit After Voyageurs National Park

Situated along the Canadian border in northern Minnesota, Voyageurs National Park is home to a stunning variety of lakes, forests, and islands. This remote park’s natural landscapes draws visitors hoping to experience unique wildlife and the serenity of nature. Once you’ve had your fill of Voyageurs National Park, head to the following nearby destinations to continue your trip. 

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Head to the Twin Cities just 4.5 hours outside of Voyageurs National Park. Renowned for its parks, lakes, and stretch of the iconic Mississippi River, Minneapolis has much to offer visitors, from cultural landmarks to natural scenery. 

Superior National Forest – 2.5 hours from Voyageurs National Park lies Superior National Forest. Situated along the shores of Lake Superior, this gorgeous national forest is a haven for nature enthusiasts, canoers, kayakers, and fishermen. 

Winnipeg, Canada – Under 5 hours outside of Voyageurs National Park and across the border sits Winnipeg, Canada. The capital city of Manitoba, Winnipeg is home to historic and cultural sites, art galleries, shops, and restaurants. Don’t forget your passport!

Red Lake Reservation – Head to the Red Lake Reservation to experience fascinating history and breathtaking landscapes. The historic home to the Ojibwe people, Red Lake Reservation is just over 2 hours outside of Voyageurs National Park. 

Isle Royale National Park – One of the most remote national parks in the country, Isle Royale National Park lies only 7.5 hours from Voyageurs National Park. Head to Isle Royale for pristine nature, spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities, fishing, canoeing, and more.