Places to Visit After Wind Cave National Park

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Wind Cave National Park is situated in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The park protects the complex Wind Cave, which is renowned for its boxwork and frostwork formations. Once you’ve had your fill of Wind Cave National Park, head to the following nearby destinations to continue your trip. 

Badlands National Park – Badlands National Park is located about an hour and a half outside of Wind Cave National Park, making it the optimal next stop along your journey. Characterized by dramatic landscapes, canyons, and layered rock formations, there is much to explore in Badlands National Park. 

Hot Springs, South Dakota – Just an 11-minute drive from Wind Cave National Park, the town of Hot Springs is home to a collection of natural thermal springs. The area offers a variety of outdoor attractions and overnight lodging accommodations.  

Mount Rushmore National Memorial – About an hour outside of Wind Cave National Park sits iconic Mount Rushmore, a massive sculpture of four noteworthy United States Presidents carved into a mountainside. It’s definitely worth it to pop over to Mount Rushmore before or after your visit to Wind Cave National Park. 

Custer State Park – Only half an hour outside of Wind Cave National Park, Custer State Park was South Dakota’s first state park. Named for Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer, the park is also a wildlife preserve, offering visitors an abundance of wildlife viewing opportunities. 

Pierre, South Dakota – Pierre is the capital city of South Dakota, and it is located just 3.5 hours outside of Wind Cave National Park. The city offers visitors plenty to do and explore, from regional history and museums to a lively variety of restaurants and shops.