Places to Visit after Yellowstone

From Yellowstone, you can easily drive to:

  • Grand Teton National Park (WY). Yellowstone’s southern neighbor is famous for its dramatic mountain vistas and its alpine lakes. Admission to Grand Teton is included in the Yellowstone price. The road connecting the two parks is closed during winter (early November to mid-May).
  • West Yellowstone (MT). This town is most notable as a gateway to the park, with all the motels, services, and kitsch that park visitors require. West Yellowstone is the most convenient non-park lodging option for those planning to visit the Old Faithful area.
  • Gardiner (MT). Just north of the park, Gardiner is another border town that provides lodging and service options. It is the most convenient non-park option for those wanting to be near the Mammoth area of Yellowstone.
  • Cody (WY). About 50 miles (80 km) from the park’s east entrance, this town offers a Wild West atmosphere in addition to lodging and service options. The Cody rodeo runs during the summer and the Buffalo Bill museum provides an excellent collection of old West artifacts and western art.
  • Virginia City (MT). Historical gold mining town of the old west. About 90 min from West Yellowstone, and halfway to either Butte or Bozeman, Montana. In the town of Ennis, be sure to turn right at Main St. onto Montana Hwy 287, and stop following the US highway of the same number.
  • Idaho. There are no roads in the small Idaho portion of the park, and very few visitors ever venture in. However, if you want to visit southern Idaho next, exit through West Yellowstone, and follow US Hwy 20. The first major city is Idaho Falls (just over 100 miles (160 km)).