Points of Interest at Gates of the Arctic National Park

Situated in northern Alaska, Gates of the Arctic National Park is defined by vast, rugged wilderness that seems to stretch on and on. The entire park is located above the Arctic Circle, so conditions can be harsh and unforgiving. Visitors to Gates of the Arctic National Park will want to explore the main points of interest. 

Arrigetch Peaks

The Arrigetch Peaks are a grouping of rugged granite peaks in the Endicott Mountains. These scenic peaks can be seen around the head of the Kobuk River and the tributaries of the Alatna River.  

Alatna National Wild and Scenic River

This gorgeous winding river is popular for float trips due to its calm nature and breathtaking landscapes. Said to be one of the most beautiful rivers in the country, the Alatna River is a can’t miss on any trip to Gates of the Arctic National Park. 

Walker Lake 

This glassy lake feeds the powerful Kobuk River. Walker Lake holds both cultural and historic relevance and has been designated as a National Natural Landmark. 

Frigid Crags 

A striking mountain in the Brooks Range in Gates of the Arctic National Park, Frigid Crags provides a dramatic frame for the area’s spectacular landscape. The mountain was so named by explorer Robert Marshall in 1929.