Points of Interest at Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs National Park is a small and unique park situated in central Arkansas. Renowned for its natural thermal baths, Hot Springs National Park holds historic significance dating back centuries. If it’s your first time visiting the park, you’ll want to make sure to see all the main points of interest. 

Fordyce Bathhouse Museum and Visitor Center 

From 1915 to 1962 the Fordyce Bathhouse functioned as a luxurious spa, offering a variety of treatments and natural thermal baths. The bathhouse has been preserved and today operates as a museum and the Hot Springs National Park’s visitor center. Come here to learn about the park’s fascinating history and speak with a park ranger. 

Bathhouse Row

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Bathhouse Row is home to eight historic bathhouses built in the 1800s. Sitting directly over natural hot springs, the historic bathhouses are no longer in use. Though the Fordyce Bathhouse visitor center and the Buckstaff bathhouse, which still operates as a spa, are exceptions.

The Grand Promenade 

A scenic walkway leading behind Bathhouse Row, The Grand Promenade offers visitors views of the hot springs and historic bathhouses. This half-mile trail leads from Bathhouse Row into the nearby mountains, making for a pleasant and scenic stroll. 

Buckstaff Bathhouse 

Situated on Bathhouse Row, Busckstaff Bathhouse is the only of the historic bathhouses still in use as a spa. Offering a variety of all-natural treatments and services, Buckstaff still makes use of the healing waters of the hot springs this national park is known for.

Hot Springs Mountain Tower

An enormous observation tower located on Hot Springs Mountain, Hot Springs Mountain Tower offers unbeatable panoramic views of the hot springs, the Ouachita Mountains, and the surrounding areas. Guests to the tower can also visit the small gift shop and cafe.