Points of Interest at Mammoth Cave National Park

A ranger explains the wonders of Mammoth Cave along Broadway, within sight of the Rotunda, one of the cave's largest rooms.

Situated in the heart of Kentucky, Mammoth Cave National Park encompasses the world’s oldest cave system. With nearly 400 miles of caves there’s no question why this national park garners nearly two million visitors every year. If it’s your first time visiting Mammoth Cave National Park, you won’t want to miss the main points of interest. 

Frozen Niagara 

Tour the Frozen Niagara section of the cave which features ancient dripstones and flowstones that appear frozen in time. You’ll be amazed by these unique cave formations and you will learn the history of this fascinating site during your tour. 

River Styx Spring

One of Mammoth Cave National Park’s top surface trails, River Styx Spring occurs where groundwater emerges from a scenic cave. A short trail leads to the River Styx Spring, and you’ll be able to take in stunning natural landscapes all along the way.

Cedar Sink 

A massive sinkhole in the heart of Mammoth Cave National Park, Cedar Sink is one of the park’s most fascinating sites. Arrive at Cedar Sink via a 1.8-mile round trip trail which is lush with wildflowers and wildlife.

Diamond Caverns

Discovered in 1859, the Diamond Caverns are ancient caves made of limestone. Guided tours to the Diamond Caverns are offered year round and top the list of Mammoth Cave National Park’s main attractions. 

Nolin Lake 

Nolin Lake, located in nearby Nolin Lake State Park, is an excellent site for swimming, camping, and fishing. A gorgeous lake surrounded by breathtaking scenery, you’ll certainly want to head over to Nolin Lake during your visit to Mammoth Cave National Park.

Crystal Onyx Cave

The area’s premier show cave, Crystal Onyx Cave features fantastic natural rock formations throughout. Sign up for a guided tour of the cave to discover the history of this fascinating and ancient region.