Points of Interest at Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park is home to some of the country’s most spectacular cliff dwellings. Rife with petroglyphs, Indian ruins, and breathtaking landscapes, you’re sure to be amazed by this unique U.S. national park. Situated in southwestern Colorado, there’s plenty to see and explore in Mesa Verde National Park.

Cliff Palace

Head to the east side of Cliff Canyon to view the magnificent Cliff Palace. With 150 rooms, Cliff Palace was discovered in 1888 and is the largest settlement of cave dwellings in the park. Take a tour to this fascinating area and discover the settlement’s rich history.

Balcony House

Situated on the wall of Soda Canyon, Balcony House contains 40 rooms and is thought to be around 800 years old. If you plan to visit Balcony House, be prepared for an adventure. In order to access the site, you’ll need to climb several ladders, squeeze through a tight tunnel, and walk up an uneven walkway. 

Long House

The second largest ruin in Mesa Verde National Park, Long House is located in one of the more remote locations in the park, on Wetherill Mesa. Long House is composed of wide open spaces which were used for dances and ceremonies by the native inhabitants in ancient times.

Spruce Tree House

Positioned on the edge of Spruce Canyon, Spruce Tree House is an incredibly well preserved settlement in Mesa Verde National Park. With 130 rooms and 8 kivas, the Spruce Tree House was inhabited by the locals during the 13th century. 

Petroglyph Point Trail

Head out on the 2.4-mile loop that makes up the Petroglyph Point Trail and experience spectacular views of both the Navajo and Spruce Canyons. The highlight of this trail is of course the ancient petroglyphs left here by the Anazai Indians. Be sure to register your hike at the trailhead or at the Chapin Mesa Museum before you go.

Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum

This captivating museum is home to many of the region’s top archeological remains and ancient Indian artifacts. The museum offers an in-depth history of Mesa Verde and the people who inhabited it. You’ll get a sense for what life was like when Mesa Verde was constructed and actively in use.

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