Points of Interest at Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles National Park is a rugged park situated along California’s Central Coast, just south of San Jose. The park protects the remains of an extinct volcano and an extensive remote mountainous region. Visitors to the park will want to be sure to visit Pinnacles’ main points of interest! 

Condor Gulch Overlook 

Hike the Condor Gulch Trail one-way to get to the breathtaking Condor Gulch Overlook. The trail can get hot, especially during the day, so be sure to bring plenty of water and proper sun protection. 

Bear Gulch Reservoir 

Take the Moses Springs Trail to the scenic Bear Gulch Reservoir, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the unique surroundings. Once you’ve had your fill of the reservoir, use the Bear Gulch Trail to complete the loop. 

Balconies Cave Trail 

One of Pinnacles National Park’s most popular trails, Balconies Cave Trail leads visitors through a long, narrow cave. You may have to wade through water or work your way through difficult rock formations, so be sure to bring a flashlight! 

Bear Gulch Cave Trail  

This trail climbs through a talus cave and is accessed by the east entrance to the park. Make sure to bring your own flashlight for this trail as well. Bear Gulch Cave is open seasonally, so if you’re visiting the park when it’s open you definitely won’t want to miss it! 

High Peaks Trail 

Among the more popular of the park’s trails, High Peaks Trail is a one-way hike that can be combined with various other trails to create a loop. The hike offers spectacular views over the gorgeous landscape of Pinnacles National Park.