Points of Interest in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Located in the North Dakota Badlands, Theodore Roosevelt National Park was named as a tribute to President Roosevelt who fought fervently to preserve what are now many of the United States’ natural parks. The park protects rugged landscapes and a variety of wildlife. If it’s your first time visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park, you’ll want to be sure to explore the park’s main points of interest. 

Maltese Cross Cabin 

Situated at the entrance of the park, the Maltese Cross Cabin was built in 1883 and was used by Theodore Roosevelt before his presidency. This historic cabin is a popular site for park visitors to tour and discover its fascinating history.

Prairie Dog Town

There are several prairie dog “towns” scattered throughout the park where visitors can look on as prairie dogs bob their heads in and out of their burrows in the ground. One of the park’s most noteworthy prairie dog towns is located nearby Skyline Vista, just after entering the park.

Painted Canyon Visitor Center

Boasting a phenomenal overlook of the vast Badlands, the Painted Canyon Visitor Center is a favorite stop for the majority of park visitors. Head here to learn a bit about the history and landscape of Theodore Roosevelt National Park and speak to a park ranger. 

Oxbow Overlook 

Located at the end of the Theodore Roosevelt North Unit Scenic Byway, Oxbow Overlook offers breathtaking panoramic views over the vast Badlands and an oxbow in the Little Missouri River which winds through the picturesque landscape.

Elkhorn Ranch Site  

After experiencing personal tragedy, Theodore Roosevelt sought solitude in the Badlands’ Elkhorn Ranch Site. The remote site is today identified by a sign detailing the history of Roosevelt’s ranch alongside the Little Missouri River.

Scenic Loop Drive

Head to Theodore Roosevelt National Park’s South Unit to drive along the paved Scenic Loop Drive. 36 miles of picturesque pullouts, wildlife, and informational signage, the Scenic Loop Drive is a great way to get a comprehensive feel for this part of the park.