Staying Safe at Bryce Canyon National Park

Located in the heart of Utah’s Canyon Country, Bryce Canyon National Park protects a massive natural amphitheatre which was created by erosion over millions of years. Offering spectacular scenery, it’s no question why Bryce Canyon National Park is among the most popular national parks in Utah. Visitors to the park should take the necessary safety precautions to ensure a smooth trip. 


Weather in Bryce Canyon National Park can be extreme and change rapidly without warning. Bring plenty of water with you and wear proper sun protection and layers to easily adapt to changing conditions. In case of a thunderstorm, stay away from tall trees and wide open areas and seek shelter or return to your vehicle to avoid lightning strikes.


Mountain lions call Bryce Canyon National Park home, so in the unlikely event that you encounter one, stay calm, do not run, and make yourself seem as large as possible to avoid confrontation. Never feed or approach wildlife in the park and make sure to always keep a safe distance.

Other Concerns

Bryce Canyon National Park has an abundance of steep drop-offs, cliffs, and canyon edges that are not protected by railings. Make sure to stay on the designated trails, watch your step, and keep a safe distance from the edge at all times. Do not climb or slide down the cliffs. The gravel and terrain in the area can be slippery and crumbly, so pass with care and wear sturdy hiking shoes with good traction. 

Parts of the park lie at extremely high altitudes which can cause visitors to experience altitude sickness. Take the proper time for your body to acclimate and don’t push yourself too hard. Bring plenty of water and altitude sickness medication just in case.

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