Staying Safe at Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park lies in northern Montana, along the Canadian border. With phenomenal landscapes consisting of glacial lakes and rock formations and rife with a wide variety of wildlife, it’s no question why Glacier National Park attracts many visitors each year. Before you head out on your trip, it’s important to note some of the following safety precautions to ensure a successful visit to the park. 


Weather in Glacier National Park can be unpredictable and you may encounter rain and snow, even in summer. Make sure to bring plenty of layers and waterproof clothing, as well as sturdy hiking boots. Always keep yourself warm and dry to avoid hypothermia and infection.


Bears, particularly grizzly bears and black bears, pose the highest safety threat to park visitors. The best way to deter bears while you’re in the park is to make noise while you’re hiking to alert the animals to your presence and avoid scaring them. You can also opt to purchase bear spray, which has proven to be a useful bear detterent. Improper food storage is very likely to attract bears, so be sure to keep your food and all scented belongings securely stowed and out of reach for animals. Hanging bear bags and storing your food in your car are both good options. 

You may also encounter mountain lions in the park. Do not approach a mountain lion, but speak to it in a loud, confident voice and try to make yourself appear as large as possible.

Other Concerns

Controlled wildfires are common in the park, so make sure to check with a park ranger where and when these fires will take place and heed any closed or off-limits trails.

Bring plenty of water with you to Glacier National Park to avoid dehydration. Do NOT drink any water from lakes, waterfalls, or streams without purifying it first to avoid potentially serious illness.

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