Staying Safe at Katmai National Park

Situated in southwestern Alaska at the base of the Alaskan Peninsula, Katmai National Park encompases a vast, rugged landscape. Defined by wild forests, lakes, mountains, and wildlife, guests to the park must be cautious during their visit. It’s imperative to take the necessary safety precautions when visiting Katmai National Park. 


Serious storms are common throughout the year in Katmai National Park, so it’s important to be prepared at a moment’s notice. Bring plenty of rain gear, sturdy hiking shoes, and extra food and water, and make sure to dress in sufficient layers. Temperatures can get very cold in the park so be prepared with the proper clothing.


Katmai National Park is situated in the heart of bear country, so it’s essential to be prepared with bear safety knowledge. Make sure to store your food, garbage, and scented items in a proper bear-proof container to avoid unwanted visitors. Make plenty of noise while you hike and at your campsite to avoid surprising bears and other wildlife. Never approach wild animals and always maintain a safe distance.

Other Concerns 

Due to the remoteness of this national park, it’s incredibly important to be prepared. Bring all food, water, and emergency supplies with you and be prepared to self-rescue in case of emergency. Consider bringing a satellite phone with you as regular cell coverage is largely unavailable in the park. Make sure someone outside of your group knows your itinerary and where to find you.

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