Staying Safe at Redwood National Park

Situated on California’s North Coast, Redwood National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that protects groves of massive, ancient redwood trees. Visitors to Redwood National Park will be captivated by the natural beauty of this scenic area. It’s important that guests to the park take the necessary safety precautions to ensure a smooth visit!


Redwood National Park sees a significant amount of rain, so make sure to bring proper rain gear and sturdy footwear for slippery paths. Wear layers to adapt to changing temperatures. Earthquakes, tsunamis, and strong tides are all common in this area due to the large amounts of seismic activity in the region. It’s smart to have (and know how to use) a tide table, and if you encounter a tsunami, quickly make your way to higher ground and remain there until it passes. 


There are a large number of Roosevelt elk in the park, and it’s important to view them from a safe distance both for your safety and theirs. Never come between a mother elk and her calf, as they can be extremely protective and dangerous. Black bears are also common in Redwood National Park, so be sure to securely store your food and scented items to avoid attracting them to your campsite. Make plenty of noise while hiking along the trails to avoid surprising bears, mountain lions, or any other wildlife you may encounter. Never feed or approach wild animals and always maintain a safe distance. Ticks and poison oak are also concerns when visiting Redwood National Park. Wear long pants, sturdy hiking shoes, bug spray, and always stay on the designated paths. Be sure to check yourself frequently for ticks during and after your visit to the park. 

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Safety- Redwood National Park