Staying Safe at Wind Cave National Park

Located in western South Dakota, Wind Cave National Park was the first cave in the world to become an official national park. Wind Cave’s boxwork and frostwork formations are some of the more noteworthy features of this incredible national park. Visitors to Wind Cave should take the necessary safety precautions to ensure a smooth trip. 


You’re sure to see your share of wildlife when visiting Wind Cave National Park. The park is home to prairie dogs, bison, mountain lions, and more. Always make sure to keep a safe distance from all wildlife, especially bison during mating season. Never feed or approach wild animals both for their safety and yours. Poison ivy is prevalent throughout Wind Cave National Park, so know how to identify it, always stay on designated trails, and watch where you reach and step.

Other Concerns

The cave is dark and can be slippery with uneven terrain. It’s essential to wear sturdy shoes with good traction if you plan to take a tour of the cave, and you might consider also bringing a flashlight. 

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Safety- Wind Cave National Park