Staying Safe in Channel Islands National Park

Encompassing a group of rugged and beautiful islands off the coast of Southern California, Channel Islands National Park is certainly worth visiting. However, due to their remote nature and lack of available park services, visiting the Channel Islands poses some significant safety threats you’ll want to make note of before embarking on your trip.


Weather conditions can change rapidly and without warning, so make sure to wear appropriate footwear and dress in layers to protect yourself appropriately from the elements.


You’re likely to encounter a fair amount of wildlife on your trip to Channel Islands National Park, and it’s important to keep your distance when you do. Do not approach whales, seals, and sea lions and avoid coming into contact with any wild animals on land, like mice, birds, etc. for both their safety and yours. Be sure to check frequently for ticks and look out for dangerous flora, like poison oak and cacti. 

Other Concerns

Emergency services are limited due to the remoteness of the islands. There are no places to purchase supplies on the islands, meaning that all food, water, sunscreen, and anything else you might need during your trip will need to be brought with you from the mainland.

Rough terrain means that stairs, railings, and ladders will be slippery when wet and it’s important to stay back from crumbling cliff edges which could be hazardous.

Channel Islands National Park is situated within the heart of a tsunami hazard zone. In case of an earthquake, seek higher ground and move as far inland as possible.

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