How to Spend a Weekend at Biscayne National Park

There is so much to do at Biscayne National Park, from boating to snorkeling to kayaking and more. This scenic national park lies in South Florida and encompasses a vast region of protected land and water. If you plan to spend a weekend at Biscayne National Park, the following are the top things to doContinue reading “How to Spend a Weekend at Biscayne National Park”

Places to Visit After Biscayne National Park

A vast region in South Florida encompassing part of the Florida Keys, a massive coral reef, mangrove shorelines, and more, Biscayne National Park is home to a variety of interesting things to explore. Once you’ve had your fill of gorgeous beaches and fascinating marine life at Biscayne National Park, continue your journey with a visitContinue reading “Places to Visit After Biscayne National Park”

Staying Safe at Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park is a vast and serene nature preserve in South Florida. Visitors come to this national park to experience the unique marine life, enjoy the beaches, and take in the gorgeous natural beauty of the area. It’s important to take the relevant safety precautions when visiting Biscayne National Park.  Weather  Conditions on andContinue reading “Staying Safe at Biscayne National Park”

Basic Facts About Biscayne National Park

The largest marine park of the United States National Parks, Biscayne National Park is located in South Florida. The park protects several of the Florida Keys, part of the Biscayne Bay, coral reefs, mangrove shorelines, and more. This beautiful national park offers plenty of water recreation activities and is a wonderful place to simply relax.Continue reading “Basic Facts About Biscayne National Park”