Montana and Wyoming Road Trip

Home to some of the country’s most scenic landscapes, Montana and Wyoming have so much to offer. The Montana and Wyoming Road Trip lets you explore three of America’s most beloved national parks and several other prominent sites in these sparsely populated states. Where to Go Jackson Start your road trip in Jackson, which servesContinue reading “Montana and Wyoming Road Trip”

Hidden Gems in Yellowstone National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world’s first national park, Yellowstone has an abundance of hidden gems to explore. Situated in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, this US national park is home to a variety of geysers, hot springs, and thermal areas that make its rugged landscape truly beautiful. Point Sublime You’ll find a fantasticContinue reading “Hidden Gems in Yellowstone National Park”

Watching Wildlife at National Parks

The further we become separated from the pristine wilderness and beauty, the more pleasure does the mind of enlightened man feel in recurring those senses. George Catlin In addition to the details of wildlife viewing in the National Parks today, we want to provide you with some important background history that will help you betterContinue reading “Watching Wildlife at National Parks”

Places to Visit after Yellowstone

From Yellowstone, you can easily drive to: Grand Teton National Park (WY). Yellowstone’s southern neighbor is famous for its dramatic mountain vistas and its alpine lakes. Admission to Grand Teton is included in the Yellowstone price. The road connecting the two parks is closed during winter (early November to mid-May). West Yellowstone (MT). This townContinue reading “Places to Visit after Yellowstone”

Points of Interest in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is world-famous for its natural heritage and beauty – and for the fact that it holds half the world’s geothermal features, with more than 10,000 examples. Travelers to Yellowstone can view more than 300 geysers (such as “Old Faithful”), pools of boiling mud, and an amazing assemblage of wildlife, such as grizzly bears, wolves,Continue reading “Points of Interest in Yellowstone National Park”